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21st-Dec-2007 09:46 pm - Crib Notes: The Russian SGC
Plot Bunny Evil
Now that our intrepid heroes (and heroines) are about to visit the Russian SGC, fikgirl  and I figured we should make some notes so we can keep our stories straight. Feel free to add comments with additional thoughts.

  • The Russian SGC facility is in an old salt mine. It's bored out of solid bedrock and is extremely stable. There is one set of structures (motor pool, radio shack, elevator building and connected guard shack, etc.) at ground level. The rest of the facility is underground.
  • The stargate has an iris just like the one back home, retrofitted after a couple of near disasters. The Russian teams use GDOs to identify themselves before returning.
  • The Russians do not use a dialing computer. They have the original DHD from Giza. As a result they have visited a lot more worlds than the SGC has back home. No time-consuming recalculation of addresses needed, just punch in an address on the DHD and head out.
  • The DHD is not as secure as the dialing computer (which can use passwords, palm print readers and so forth to restrict access to the dialing program). As a result, the DHD is kept in a secure room separate from the gate, always under guard by two soldiers. They watch the DHD and one another. Only when they both agree that a valid command to dial the gate has been given is either allowed to approach the DHD itself.
  • The only familiar faces from the SGC at this facility are Daniel Jackson and possibly Rodney McKay (if fikgirl decides to write him in as an NPC). Dr. Svetlana Markov (aka Marina Sirtis), who appeared in one episode of Stargate: SG-1 is here as well.
  • The room numbers in the facility are randomly assigned. Unless you're familiar with the layout of the place, room numbers will give you no guidance whatsoever. This is by design, to frustrate intruders.

NPC List
  • Alt!Daniel Jackson: Daniel Jackson's arrogant counterpart in this reality.
  • Dr. Svetlana Markov, a physicist on the project.
  • Private Elena Kirovna, a young female soldier, acting as Markov's assistant and general "go-fer".
  • General Mikhail Vaslovik, the commander of the stargate facility. He is an immortal like Cassandra.
2nd-Dec-2007 05:48 pm - Question for Rhoni...
Simon Jester Precious Metals
...since you're never online on AIM/Yahoo.

Are you still active at all in Lost_City_Found on GreatestJournal? I haven't posted anything to that game in weeks and I'm seriously considering dropping out officially. Because frankly most of the characters being played don't interest me in the least.
19th-Nov-2007 05:12 pm - Dossier: John Casey
Simon Jester Precious Metals
Jonn Casey, Chuck

Full Name: John Casey

Age: 40

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 210lbs

Occupation: NID Agent

Race/Special Abilities: Human. No special abilities other than extensive military and intelligence training (of the cinematic school).

Brief Biography: John Casey grew up in the midwest, was a very successful high school football player. He could have gone to college on an athletic scholarship but chose instead to join the military. He spent eight years in the army before being tapped to join the NID. He's spent last fourteen years working in the shadowy world of national security intelligence.

John has a thorough grounding in the history of the SGC, which has had extensive (and usually unfriendly) dealings with the HID for the past decade. He also knows as much as Torchwood and the Doctor as anyone on the outside could be expected to know; the NID has kept close track of rumors and news reports (even those later debunked or dismissed as fanciful--the NID knows better). The NID has also interviewed anyone and everyone they could reach who was believed to have interacted with Torchwood, the Doctor, UNIT, CURE, and various other secret agencies both foreign and domestic.

Casey is considerably less closed-minded than he might appear (and less so than most of his fellow NID agents). He's a big guy and doesn't hesitate to play up the "mindless thug" and "jingoistic patriot" stereotypes to help potential opponents underestimate him.
16th-Nov-2007 08:30 pm - Dossier: The Doctor
 The Doctor, Doctor Who

Full Name: The Doctor, a.k.a John Smith when needed

Age: 1100 or there abouts

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: steel blue

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: approx 200 lbs

Occupation: Universal time traveler, busybody, last Time Lord, hero.

Race/Special Abilities: Time Lord. Ability to manipulate time very briefly in a limited field. Complete awareness of time, including possibilities. Beyond Genius IQ. Limited Telepathic abilities (not currently used due to emotional scarring at loss of millions of attachments that should be there, likely receptive, but must be hard pressed to be active) Can talk forever, confuse and befuddle, come up with plans in seconds and otherwise either annoy or inform. Master of technobabbel. Can change bodies if he is ‘killed’ 13 times. He’s done this 8 times and is on his 9th body.

Brief Biography: After graduating from the Prydon Chapter of the Academy on Gallifrey (by the skin of his teeth)he became a Time Lord (one of only 1,000 at any given time) he was judged not yet qualified to pilot a TARDIS. Hating the non-interference policy of his people, frustrated by the stifling bureaucracy, he grabbed his granddaughter, stole a TARDIS and went adventuring. He has been for the 900 years since, except for a short stint of exile to Earth.

He fought alongside the rest of his people in the Last Time War. The was devastating, horrific, and in the end the only way to save the universe was to lure the enemy, the Dalek, in to Gallifrey, then set of a reaction that burned both the entire Dalek population and fleet as well as Gallifrey. The Doctor was the one to make this happen. Yet he survived while his planet and people were wiped from existence. This has left deep wounds in his psyche this incarnation.

The doctor can go from giddy to furious at the drop of a dime. When angry he can be truly frightening. When happy he can act like a child on a sugar high. His current incarnation is emotionally wounded and prone to brood on occasion.

His current traveling companion is a human 20 year old named Rose Tyler. She’s taught him to live again.
16th-Nov-2007 08:29 pm - Dossier: Rose Tyler
 Rose Tyler, Doctor Who

Full Name: Rose Marian Tyler (Bad Wolf)

Age: 20

Hair: Dyed blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: approx 160 lbs

Occupation: Universal time traveler, former shop girl.

Race/Special Abilities: Human. Might have some traces of the time vortex left in her. No other known abilities other than gymnastics and running.

Brief Biography: Living in a London Council Estate, Rose worked as a shop girl when living plastic dummies attacked her. The doctor saved her, and promptly blew up her workplace. She eventually helped him stop the alien menace and agreed to travel with him (she had to be asked twice).

Since then she’s traveled through time and space showing an aptitude for trouble and quick intelligence. The UST between her and the Doctor could be cut with a knife.
16th-Nov-2007 08:28 pm - Dossier: Jack Harkness
Jack Harkness, Torchwood

Full Name: Captain Jack Harkness (although this name is an alias. His real one is unknown)

Age: 159 give or take a decade

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’

Weight: approx 200 lbs

Occupation: Ex-Time Agent, Former Con-Man, Former Companion current head of Torchwood

Race/Special Abilities: Human. Due to an incident when he last saw the Doctor and Rose he found out he can’t die, at least not for long. He also has an excess of life energy he can sometimes transfer to another. He’s military trained, trained in torture, a brilliant engineer capable in many timelines and planets. Does seduction and flirtation count as a special ability?

Brief Biography: Born in the 51st century he eventually joined the Time Agency, a group supposedly dedicated to maintaining the past timelines. For some reason the agency erased two years of his memories and he turned con-man, targeting the agency as his mark. Mistaking the Doctor and Rose as Time Agents is how he met them during a con.

He traveled with the two for months, falling in love with both of them. But after trading his life to buy the Doctor time while on a Satellite in the future he woke up to hear the TARDIS taking off and leaving him.

Using an emergency Time travel device in his wrist computer he escaped aiming for Rose’s home time. He ended up in the 1880s. He wormed his way into Torchwood after learning of its existence and mission. Over the centuries he’s become one of the top people in Torchwood. He’s still looking for the Doctor.
16th-Nov-2007 08:27 pm - Dossier: Molly Green
 Molly Green

Full Name: Molly Green (Mallaidh Fahy birth name)

Age: 212

Hair: Red, VERY curly

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’

Weight: 100 lbs soaking wet

Occupation: Mechanic, anything else needed

Race/Special Abilities: Half-Sidhe. She is partly made of magic, but her own ability is VERY limited. She can work a ‘can’t see me’ Glamour that works similarly to a perception filter. She can also commune with plant life. She’s extremely flexible (contortionist level) and has perfect balance. She can SENSE magic. Iron will burn her like acid.

Brief Biography: Born to a Sidhe mother and mortal father Molly has lived between worlds but feels not quite accepted by either. Though that is improving. She was hired as a engineer and mechanic by SERRA, a race team run by SIDHE. They work with aluminum parts, and with gloves for steel.

Molly occasionally checks out magical anomalies to report back to Underhill.
4th-Nov-2007 04:02 pm - Dossier: Cassandra Sugarbaker
Cassandra Sugarbaker, original character based on Highlander

Full Name: Cassandra Sugarbaker

Age: Mid-to-late 20s (apparently; in truth, almost 500--496 to be exact)

Hair: Dark brown, almost black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150

Occupation: Varies; currently working as a helicopter pilot

Race/Special Abilities: Human, Highlander-type Immortal (nuff said for this crowd). Speaks a lot of languages (not as many as Daniel, though), can blend into most cultures very easily. Very skilled with swords, knives, handguns, unarmed combat.

Not-So-Brief Biography: Cassandra was born in England 400+ years ago and lived an unremarkable life in a small village until she was killed by her husband, who believed (wrongly) that she was cuckolding him. She woke up in the middle of her own wake, which went about as well as one might expect given the times. She fled and wandered for a few months with no idea of her true situation until she ran into Xavier St. Cloud, who took her under his wing.

St. Cloud trained Cassandra to be a formidable player of the Game. His teaching techniques were brutal but effective and Cassandra adopted his approach to Immortality. She actively hunted other Immortals for a couple of centuries before she lost her taste for it. Xavier never did, of course. But he did change. Xavier had always drawn a tight circle. Those within it were his friends and could trust him with their lives; everyone else was fair game. But as the centuries passed that circle grew ever smaller.

Xavier's last visit to her home in Atlanta had revealed to her just how much he had changed. He'd lost his hand since Cassandra had last seen him a decade earlier, but that was only temporary. It had been almost like old times until he'd started telling her about the Watchers. Cassandra had been surprised, then angry, and finally amused to learn that a group of mortals had known about the immortals for centuries if not millennia and had been tracking and observing them for all that time. She found it hard to credit the idea that such an organization could have existed for so long without being discovered earlier. Then Xavier had explained that he was telling her about them because of the Hunters--renegade Watchers who killed immortals.

Cassandra had long heard rumors that Xavier used poison gas, killing indiscriminately in pursuit of his goals. She'd heard--but refused to believe them. That night Xavier had confirmed them. That shock was bad enough, but it was nothing compared to his revelation that he'd joined forces with the Hunters. The memory of her appalled silence as Xavier boasted of taking the heads of men and women gunned down by mortal killers still haunted her.

She could still see him standing by the fireplace in her parlor, while she sat on the sofa watching and listening. Eyes bright with hatred for Mcleod, drunk on the wine they'd shared that night, Xaver had spoken openly for the first time in years.

"It's something of an unholy alliance," Xavier had told her in that cultured voice of his, "and it can't last. Horton trusts me no more than I trust him, and no doubt intends to betray me the moment it becomes convenient. However, he will still be waiting for the right moment when he becomes expendable."

"How can you be so sure of that?" Cassandra had asked.

Xavier smiled rakishly. "Force of habit," he'd said.

Cassandra had accepted that answer as if it had satisfied her, though the question uppermost in her mind was how the honorable man who'd found and trained her had become the unprincipled killer she saw now. Had he truly changed so much? Or had the flaw in his soul been there all along and she'd simply been too blind to see it? Whatever the source of the change, it was irreparable. The man she'd known and loved like a father for centuries was already gone; this man was a stranger, and not one she really cared to know. Perhaps Xavier had seen that knowledge in her face. He'd retired to his room shortly thereafter and was gone the next morning.

Cassandra didn't hear from Xavier again. When Jonathan Higgins* phoned from Hawaii a few months later to tell her of Xavier's death she was saddened but not surprised...and though she grieved for Xavier, it was as much for the man he had been centuries ago as for his death. When she heard, later, that Morgan D'Estaing had died trying to kill Duncan MacLeod it left her even more puzzled. She'd never liked Morgan, fellow student of Xavier's and line-brother though he was. That he felt obligated to avenge their teacher had surprised her. That he would try to use poison, didn't. That sort of twisted loyalty was no less than she'd expect of someone Xavier had mentored toward the end of his life.

Xavier St. Cloud's end only confirmed for Cassandra that her decision to stop pursuing the Game was the right one. She didn't know exactly when or how Xavier had changed, but it horrified her to think that she could become the same sort of person. She had long since ceased actively hunting, but she needed something more to do. Some positive goal. She found it in the form of a student, a young woman named Molly** desperately in need of a mentor.

Benny Carbasa was in no position to teach a new immortal. He was barely able to keep his own head, and did so mainly by knowing when to fast-talk someone and when to run away. Benny was cunning enough, however, to see that Cassandra was just who Molly needed, and that Molly was just the sort of project Cassandra needed. As the game starts, Cassandra is at loose ends, having just pushed Molly out of the nest after a ten year apprenticeship....

*Yes, Jonathan Higgins from Magnum, P.I.. Not that it matters for the game, but in my little corner of fandom, "Robin Masters, romance novelist" is actually Xavier St. Cloud. Why did Xavier St. Cloud write romance novels under a nome de plume? Because it amused him to do so.

**Not our Molly. But coincidences happen, and Cassandra's most recent student is named Molly.
4th-Nov-2007 04:01 pm - Dossier: Jon Bartidge
Simon Jester Precious Metals
Jon Bartidge, Stargate SG-1

Full Name: Jonathan "Jon" Bartidge

Age: 18*

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 130lbs

Occupation: Freshman at University of California, Berkley

Race/Special Abilities: Clone, Tomorrow Person, psychic and psionic abilities, possesses Ancient genes including the ATA-gene

Brief Biography: Jon Bartidge is the *two-year-old clone of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force and the SGC. A rogue Asgard, Loki, cloned Jack in order to study what made the General (then Colonel) special and able to accept Ancient technology and knowledge. Originally intended to be "disposable," Jack intervened and convinced the Asgard Supreme Commander Thor to "fix" mini!Jack so that the clone would live.

Jon took his name from a combination of his paternal grandfather and his mother's maiden name and chose to separate himself from the SGC and SG-1 to become his own person. The Air Force provided living expenses for the "youth" to live as an "emancipated minor" and provided all of his legal papers.

A year after his "birth," Jon came into his abilities as a Tomorrow Person. At first he was reluctant to embrace his new found skills, but slowly learned that separating himself from his fellow telepaths wasn't as simple as divorcing himself from the SGC.

Jon has all of the Knowledge, memories and baggage of Jack O'Neill despite his valiant efforts to divorce himself from such. He has had very limited contact with his "Uncle Jack" (whom he refers to often as the "Old Man") and those he views as his former teammates and has made a comfortable niche for himself as Jon Bartidge.
4th-Nov-2007 03:57 pm - Dossier: Ami Jackson
Simon Jester Precious Metals
Ami Jackson, The Tomorrow People

Full Name: Ami Jackson

Age: 30

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 160lbs

Occupation: Archaeologist, Junior Professor at Cambridge University

Race/Special Abilities: Homo-superior/Tomorrow Person, psychic and psionic abilities, possesses Ancient genes including the ATA-gene

Brief Biography: Ami Jackson has a PhD in archaeology and served as a junior professor at Cambridge University. She is currently part of the archeaological team of Amanda Jones, unearthing the ruins of an ancient Celtic village.

Ami is a Tomorrow Person, one of the handful of evolved humans who possess many psionic abilities, the most notable of which are telepathy, telekinetics and teleportation.
4th-Nov-2007 03:55 pm - Dossier: Daniel Jackson
Simon Jester Precious Metals
Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG-1

Full Name: Daniel Jackson

Age: 40

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'

Weight: 190 lbs

Occupation: Archaeologist, Linguist, Anthropologist

Brief Biography: Daniel Jackson has a PhD in archaeology and numerous Masters and Bachelors Degrees in linguistics, anthropology and history. For the past nine years, he's worked for Stargate Command as part of the elite first-contact team SG-1.

During his tenure with the SGC and SG-1, Daniel has been kidnapped, tortured, died, been brainwashed, addicted and lived a year as an Ascended being. Daniel's skill with languages (he speaks over 40 of them) and his anthropological training make Daniel a skilled diplomat and he frequently uses such skills for brokering treaties and trade negotiations.
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