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Hellmouth East (AKA Welcome to Cleveland!) 
25th-Dec-2008 10:13 pm
Writing: Fountain Pen
This will be one, of probably many posts, to put down some rough ideas about the Cleveland Hellmouth.

The Cleveland Hellmouth is located in University Circle, and ironically enough the opening of the hellmouth is located beneath the law library of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Slayer Central is composed of two large, old homes located directly next door to one another.

Slayer Central, as far as people, is composed of:
  • Rupert Giles, Head Watcher
  • Faith Lehane, Lead Slayer
  • Xander Harris, Junior Watcher
  • Andrew Wells, Junior Watcher
  • Dawn Summers, Researcher
  • Heather Swain, Junior Watcher
  • Marie Therez "Marty" Duchon, Slayer
  • Angela, Slayer
  • Carrie, Slayer
  • Sara, Slayer
  • Torrance Pilcher, Slayer
  • Mei Li, Slayer
  • America "Rica", Slayer
  • Danielle "Elly," Slayer
  • Linsee, Slayer
  • Matilda, Slayer

Associates of Slayer Central:

  • Edward Hale

    A 300+ year old vampire. Originally from Great Britain, he moved to "the colonies" in the 1700's at the age of 21. He was later turned, and has remained in the US ever since.

    Edward established a power base early on in Cleveland, and has a standing "truce" with Slayer Central.

Yes, because I'm a geek. And I'm also bored.

Heather Swain (played by Julie Gonzalo)

(Yes, and she hasn't even made an entrance yet)

Torrance Pilcher (played by Lucy Hale)

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